Skipjack Introduces Product of the World Fastest Financial Access

Skipjack Introduces Product of the World Fastest Financial Access Prof Dr Sir Mike Irvan (Photo: Lely Yuana/TIMES Indonesia)
Friday, 21 December 2018 - 09:28

TIMESSINGAPORE, SURABAYASkipjack Corporation issued the newest Superencrypblock product based on encrypt technology of finance in Surabaya on Wednesday (19/12/2018). Grand launching was also conducted simultaneously in several parts of the country to introduce the latest financial access using algorithms.

"The Internet of Things Company (IoT) of our latest technology presents the discovery of algorithms for financial transactions," said Prof. Dr. Sir Mike Irvan, CEO of Skipjack, when met in Surabaya.

The technology is claimed different than ever, because it is based on mathematics. In other words, Superencrypblock is a new technology developed by Skipjack Corporation to process transactions faster, safer, real time, as the latest payment system. It has a speed of 2 micro second and can reach up to 1 million transactions each second.

"Financial internet technology refers to technology that was built at the beginning of the past or encryption technology, can be sent anywhere, to anyone and it is convenient to use," he continued.

Skipjack calls it as the second internet based on a mathematical system that can be used quickly throughout the world.

"In the building of internet technology, it has reached half of the journey, can be used in the financial protocol through the code sent via message. This technology has been carried out in several banks through the world, "explained Sir Mike Irvan.

Using the IOS and Android operating system, Skipejack hopes that Superencrypblock can attract banking interests.

"We hope that many banks will cooperate and including retail customers. At the moment banks are looking at the market including the block chain and they are interested in observing our system, "said Sir Mike Irvan while expressing optimism that the system will develop.

For information, Skipjack is a global digital currency managed by Feistel Core Network (FCN), in the form of the world's first encryption currency.

Since 2015, Skipjack has begun to focus on releasing IoT-based digital financial technology systems with an investment value of around 100 US Dollars. But earlier, Skipjack has expanded its wings as a Smart City company.

"Skipjack believes that this technology will dominate along with the android phenomenon in the grip that is easily accessible to everyone. Traditional banks have no efforts to service the whole world. Fintech companies are currently developing infrastructure technology that is still weak, and Skipjack offers it for the convenience of customers, "he concluded. (*)

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