The Grief of Sunda Strait Tsunami Hasn’t Ended, Banten Province Gets Flood

The Grief of Sunda Strait Tsunami Hasn’t Ended, Banten Province Gets Flood Joint forces including the TNI worked together to help in the evacuation of flood victims in Serang Regency. (PHOTO: BNPB)
Thursday, 27 December 2018 - 12:32

TIMESSINGAPORE, JAKARTA – The Sunda Strait Tsunami has not yet passed, but the people of Serang District, Banten Province must have another disaster, namely flood on Wednesday (26/12/2018).

The flood was caused by the overflowing of the Cikalumpang River after highly intensity of rain. Two villages, namely the villages of Citasuk and Batukuwung in Padarincang Subdistrict, Banten Regency were submerged in water with a height of 50-100 centimeters.

Head of the Center for Data, Information and Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho reported that there were no fatalities from the floods. "Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Serang together with TNI, Polri, SKPD and volunteers continue to evacuate. Logistical assistance also given to communities affected by flood," he said.

Some of the people of Serang Regency, Banten Province, were again hit by a disaster. If previously, the community was gripped by fear of facing a tsunami. Then the people on the coast of Cinangka and Anyer Districts were hit by the tsunami. After that, on Wednesday morning, Desember 26, 2018, the people of Batukuwung Village and Citasuk Village, Padarincang District, Banten Regency got flood.

BNPB notes, at least 297 households or around 1.658 people from the two villages were forced to flee to SDN Suka Maju because their homes were submerged in water. Totally, there are 200 submerged houses.

Meanwhile, for the handling of the Sunda Strait Tsunami emergency that hit Anyer and Cinangka Beaches in Serang, Sutopo continued. Recorded 25 people were died, 62 people were injured, 68 people were missing and 83 people were displaced from this area. Data collection on physical damage continues up to now.

Likewise evacuation, searching, and rescuing of victims continues to carry out. Handling of refugees and health services is also carried out. The Joint forces with volunteers and the community began to clean the environment from the tsunami debris.

Sutopo also stressed that the Serang region of Banten Regency was indeed prone to disasters, earthquakes, tsunami, floods, droughts and tornadoes.

According to the Head of the BNPB Data, Information and Public Relations Center, the development in Banten Province should really pay attention to disaster hazard maps including floods into spatial planning and be implemented strictly. (*)

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