Manchester City may get Sanction of Champions League Playing Ban

Manchester City may get Sanction of Champions League Playing Ban Manchester City (Foto: mancity)
Saturday, 05 January 2019 - 17:41

TIMESSINGAPORE, ENGLAND – The European Football Association (UEFA) justifies if Manchester City can only be sanctioned of the Champions League playing ban if found guilty of fraud related to sponsorship income.

UEFA investigated City, AS Monaco and PSG, to investigate potential violations of Financial Fair Play (FFP). This is related to the writing of Germany magazine Der Spiegel last year based on leaked e-mails between the club's top brass.

The leader of UEFA investigators on the FFP issue, Yves Leterme said that if City is proven to have committed a violation in this matter, then the heaviest punishment could be imposed, namely the ban on playing in European club competitions, especially the Champions League.

According to Der Spiegel's report, from the Etihad sponsor's income reported City amounting to 67.5 million pounds, only 8 million pounds were actually disbursed by the airline in 2015. The rest came from the owner's personal pocket, Sheikh Mansour.

The report also accused City of falsifying several sponsorship agreements to meet FFP rules, including hiding compensation payments for the former manager Roberto Mancini.

The City itself accused the report as only an attempt to damage their reputation, but never challenged to proof of the fact of e-mail leak.

This isn't the first time Manchester City and PSG have tripped over the FFP problem after in 2014 both were fined 49 million pounds by UEFA, including restrictions on the squad in the Champions League and transfer restrictions for two seasons. And the second offense could be a more serious sentence - a ban on grazing in Europe. (*)

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