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The Sophisticated Artificial Tsunami Wave at Hawai Waterpark Malang Given 5 Stars by iGuides

The Sophisticated Artificial Tsunami Wave at Hawai Waterpark Malang Given 5 Stars by iGuides Hawai Water Park
Monday, 20 May 2019 - 01:30

TIMESSINGAPORE, MALANG – The 3,1 meters artificial tsunami wave at Hawai Waterpark Malang has become one an iconic destination in Malang. And according to iGuides Times Indonesia teams this make this sophisticated artificial wave worth to be indexed at Indonesia's Recommendation Index (IRX) with 5 stars achievement.

"This Waterpark has unique concept. Bringing out “The Wildest Water Park in Indonesia” as their main concept had given the visitors an unforgetable experience while they spending their time in here. The Jetcoaster Slider with highest European security level standard also become one of best attraction beside the tsunami," Ye Rachma, the secretary of Times Indonesia and iGuides reviewers team said.

iGuides reviewer is affiliated with another platform like TripAdvisor, iGuides, Agoda, Pegi pegi, Traveloka, Booking, Foursquare, AirBnB, Facebook, Youtube, and Google Local Guide. All the reviews on those platform will also be a consideration to put this tourist destination to the Indonesia's Recommendation Index (IRX) or Indeks Rekomendasi Indonesia iGuides.

As a Waterpark this place provided their visitors with lots of water playground like Open Spiral Slide, Rainbow Slide, Hula-hula Slide or Waikiki Beach. The Hawai Waterhouse also provide 6 water slides with different heights you could choose.

Waimea Stream River with it crazy river water stream with 425 meters long and 90 cm depth or Mavi island, Rainbow Fall, Akaolu pool, Ekolu slide, Hula-hula slide, Wailele Slide, Water Plaza could also be one alternative for your holiday.

"The Waikiki Beach was totally awesome! I went there with my family and friends, and we spent 4 hours having lots of fun. It's better to wear a swimsuit, you're also not allowed to bring food or drinks but it's provided at the place," Sofia T.M, traveloka user on her reviews.

With an affordable ticket Hawai Waterpark Malang will offer you hundreds of attraction which will pamper you during your holiday. So, there is no more question why this place worth to bbe given 5 stars award from the Times Indonesia iGuides  reviewers team. And thus make this remarkable Waterpark automatically indexed in the Indonesia's Recommendation Index (IRX). Congratulation!!!.

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