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Various Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Various Benefits of Drinking Warm Water ILLUSTRATION – Drinking warm water (PHOTO:
Saturday, 15 June 2019 - 11:14

TIMESSINGAPORE, JAKARTA – Most people prefer cold water to warm water because cold water feels fresher than warm water. However, warm water also has various benefits for body health. What are the benefits of drinking warm water?

Cited from Antara, according to Chinese and Ancient Indian medication, starting the day with warm water could improve the digestive system. Besides, it could relieve nasal congestion and give relaxation.

Here are the benefits of drinking warm water according to Boldsky.

1. Calming nervous system

Drinking warm water could calm the central nervous system. If the nervous system works well, you can avoid various diseases.

2. Losing weight

Drinking warm water could help you lose weight. When you are drinking warm water, your internal temperature will be decreased, and it will improve your metabolism.

You can drink warm water with lemon or honey after eating. Lemon has pectin fiber that could control your appetite, which is suitable for anyone who is on diet.

3. Improving blood circulation

Warm water could unclog any particles in the nervous system that could lead in a better blood circulation.

4. Detoxification

Drinking warm water is a good detoxification method. If you drink warm water regularly, the endocrine system will be active and you will be sweating. Sweating could help detoxification process in your body.

5. Relieving pain

Drinking warm water could improve the blood circulation to the muscles to relieve the pain.

If you get stomachache or headache, drink a glass of warm water to relieve it instantly.

6. Controlling stress

When you are stressed, drink some warm water to relieve stress. Cortisol is the hormone that causes stress. Warm water will make your brain more relaxed so that you can control and relieve your stress.

7. Relieving menstrual cramp

Warm water could soothe the stomach muscles to relieve cramps.  (*)

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