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Tremendous Fascinating Tourism Event in Banyuwangi by July 2019

Tremendous Fascinating Tourism Event in Banyuwangi by July 2019 The Banyuwangi Festival talent. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Thursday, 11 July 2019 - 04:17

TIMESSINGAPORE, BANYUWANGI – There will be lots of fascinating events held in Banyuwangi by this July 2019. There will be around 12 events that will enliven the area and could attract more tourist attention.

There will be the Blue Fire Ijen Challenge and Lalare Orchestra Festival (13 July), Creative Recycled (16 July), Banyuwangi Fashion Festival (BFF) on 17 July, and Festival Lembah Ijen (20 Juli).

In addition, Banyuwangi Ijen Green Run (21 July), Memengan Festival (traditional kids game) on 23 July, Coffee Processing Festival on 25 – 27 Juli, and Festival Smart Kampung 26 Juli, Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival (BEC) which will be held on 27 July will follow the on the next day.

The Festival Pantai Cacalan pada 31 July will be the closing event of this month. The Literature Festival which was held on 3rd July 2019 and the Film Festival had preceded all those 12 festivals.

“From all thise festivals above we believe that the BEC will be the most wanted Festival of them all. This costumes festival always attract so much attention from the touris," the Assistant of Asisten Development and Public Welfare Administration Suyanto Waspo Tondosaid on Wednesday (10/07/2019).

The BEC will perform around 100 extravagance costumes which will take 'The Kingdom of Blambangan' as their main theme. This fascinating events of Banyuwangi has been included as ”Top 10 Calendar of  Event 2018” by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.(*)

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