Saturday, 18 January 2020

Izabelle Kiara Kurniawan to Record her Voice in US

Izabelle Kiara Kurniawan to Record her Voice in US Izabelle Kiara Kurniawan at the city hall with the Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Tuesday, 13 August 2019 - 10:53

TIMESSINGAPORE, MALANGIzabelle Kiara Kurniawan received some offers to record her voice in US after her performance in World Championships of Performing Arts California. She seems so excited toward the offers and busy to choose a vocal coach for herself.

"She would like to have Romeo Johnson and her vocal couch. But we haven't decide whether will we take the offer or not, I need to discuss it further with her," Intan Kurniawan, Kiara's mom said.

According to Kiara, Remoe will be the right person to coach him. Romeo is also the vocal coach of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. She event had met him in the

WCOP (World Championships of Performing Arts) 2019 and adore him more since then.

Mean while, the girl who got 3 silver medals for her performance at WCOP 2019 is planning to participate once more in the next event. She's been preparing and thinking of the whole thing for this event since now.

For what Izabelle Kiara Kurniawan had achieved, some recording label interested to make her some song and have her voice on their label. She was so excited for this chance, yet she haven't decided whether she will take the chance or not. (*)

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