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Great Exercises to Ease Depression

Great Exercises to Ease Depression Ilustrasi - Bersepeda salah satucara terbaik untuk melepaskan depresi dan meningkatkan mood Anda. (FOTO:
Saturday, 09 November 2019 - 09:55

TIMESSINGAPORE, JAKARTADepression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss interest in activities. Depression can negatively affects how you think and how you act, as well as causes emotional and physical problems. Depression should be eased to avoid the more dangerous effect.

Several researches have studied the relation between exercise and depression. A scientific publication in Bern University showed the positive effects of exercise on depression.

Reported from Klik Dokter, here are some exercises to ease depression.

1. Strolling

You do not need to run in a marathon to ease your depression. You can start with a short stroll.

Strolling outside can also improve your mood.

2. Yoga

This meditation exercise can make you stronger and more flexible. Yoga can make you feel energized and happy. The breathing technique in yoga can also calm you down.

3. Tennis

Tennis is a great exercise to let off the steam. With heavy racket and ball, you may let off steam by screaming out loud when you are hitting the ball with the racket. Of course, it will make you feel better.

4. Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise for all your body parts. Besides, the water can calm your mind. You do not need to swim for a long time. You may swim at least 30 minutes for three to five times a week.

5. Cycling

Cycling can ease your depression and improve your mood. You may also need to find the street with a lot of trees to make your exercise more enjoyable.

You can go cycling with your family or friends and talk about happy things to ease your depression.

6. Dancing

Dancing is an activity which involves exercise, social involvement, and joy, that can improve your mood.

You can turn on the speaker or radio or play a music video on your TV. Then, you may dance to the rhythm.

7. Running

Running may be an arduous activity for some people. However, it has a very great benefit to get rid of any negative emotions. Make sure you warm up before running.

Those are the great exercises to ease depression. However, if you happen to have a severe depression, you may have to see a psychiatrist or psychotherapist to overcome your mental health problem. (*)

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