Gembira Loka Zoo Sets Goals to Reduce Its Plastic Use

Gembira Loka Zoo Sets Goals to Reduce Its Plastic Use The elephants joining the crowd to celebrate the 66th Anniversary of Gembira Loca Zoo. (Picture by: Dwijo Suyono/TIMES Indonesia)
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 - 01:47

TIMESSINGAPORE, YOGYAKARTA – As a nature conservation park the Gembira Loka Zoo of announced that they intend to reduce the plastic use and starting it from their own area. This due to their wariness towards the number

“We will reduce the use of plastic around the area. And its human's life and also the creatures' sustainability that become our biggest concern for it," The Head of Gembira Loka Zoo Foundation, Drs H GBPH Yudhaningrat MM wrote on his speech which was read by The main director of Gembira Loka Zoo, KMT A. Tirtodiprojo  (Joko) at the ceremony of 66th anniversary of the zoo on Sunday (10/11/2019).

They will start reducing using the single use plasticware. This will not only be applied to the employees but also the visitors of the Zoo.

On his written speech Gusti Yudha also said that this act will be started from the workers and the Zoo area. They will eliminate the using of plastic straw, cup, bottle, plastic bag and change those materials into an eco friendly one.

They planned to build a water tank station which could be used by the employees and visitors to refill their reusable water bottles. "We do this all for the animal's welfare," he added.

At the end of the day, the zoo hype up their 66th celebration by giving 4 of their elephants with a tall stack of fruits. They also gave 12 of their employees a Golden pin and award them by making them as a permanent workers of the Gembira Loka Zoo. (*)

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