Tirto Ageng of Probolinggo, a Perfect Place to Get Away from the Crowd

Tirto Ageng of Probolinggo, a Perfect Place to Get Away from the Crowd The peaceful forest at Tirto Ageng, Kecamatan Lumbang, Kabupaten Probolinggo (foto: Iqbal/TIMES Indonesia)
Thursday, 14 November 2019 - 00:32

TIMESSINGAPORE, PROBOLINGGO – Have you planned to go for refreshing from the crowd yet haven't found the perfect place to go? Well, may be Tirto Ageng of Probolinggo could be your alternative to go this weekend.

Tirto Ageng is a spring water with crystal clear water. Tirto in local language means water and Ageng means big. This spring water as its name has a big debit of water which always flow even on the worse time of summer.

You could really make yourself comfy by swimming, bath or just enjoying the scenery and taking some selfie on the pool area next to the spring.

Several interesting spot were provided by the management to pamper their visitors. Some beautiful swing or the huge banyan tree with its beautiful hanging roots will be a perfect place to take your picture.

This spring water is located in 14 hectare area. There are also some camping ground and fishing pool provided for the visitors.

"This place is quite clean and green all the way you look. And the water really hook me up, its so beautiful," Ahmad Zubaidi, a local visitor said on Tuesday (12/11/2019).

Beside for pleasure purposes, the Tirto Ageng Probolinggo also run the water for public use. There are around 75 pipes attached to deliver the water to the local community. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Lucky Setyo Hendrawan