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Kampung Bena: The Everlasting Megalithic Cultural Heritage

Kampung Bena: The Everlasting Megalithic Cultural Heritage Kampung Bena, warisan adat budaya zaman batu di Ngada Flores NTT. (FOTO: GoTripIna)
Thursday, 05 December 2019 - 02:18

TIMESSINGAPORE, FLORESKampung Bena is the everlasting megalithic cultural heritage, which is located in Tiwuriwu Village, Aimere sub-district, Ngada, Flores, NTT.

Kampung Bena is the megalithic village atop a hill with Mount Ineria as the background.

Kampung Bena consists of 45 units of houses in a circle. The tribes residing in this residence are consisted of nine tribes, namely Dizi, Dizi Azi, Wahto, Deru Lalulewa, Deru Solamae, Ngada, Khopa, and Ago.

According to the public figure, Bena Ibrahim Tiwu, this megalithic cultural heritage has been maintained since 1200 years ago.

Generally, the locals make a living by gardening and planting crops along the edge of the canyon surrounding the village.

They use Nga’dha language to speak with one another.

 “Almost all of the locals are Catholic. However, they still have their traditional beliefs from their ancestors,” he explained.

Lorensius Daga, one of the locals, said that they believe there is a God called Zeta, who protects all the locals around the Mount Inerie. The dense, green forest can be seen in the slope of the mountain.

Kampung Bena in Ngada is the only megalithic cultural heritage that is everlasting,” said Lorensius Daga. (*)

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