Monday, 30 November 2020
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Find and Taste the Eco Friendly Culinary of Jombang

Find and Taste the Eco Friendly Culinary of Jombang Sandy Dolorosa wrapped his Foods in a bamboo basket. (Picture by: Moh Ramli/TIMES Indonesia)
Monday, 03 February 2020 - 02:15

TIMESSINGAPORE, JOMBANG – For his concern to the nature, Sandi Dolorosa a guy of Jombang trying to served his food in an eco friendly bamboo basket instead of giving the food to his customers in plastic.

Located at Jalan Dr. Sutomo, Jombang the food shop which is owned by this 26 years old guy has Nasi Daun Jeruk (rice with lime leaves) as its signature main dish.

There are lots of exotic condiments you could try to accompany the delicious aromatic rice. The food shop has paru (spicy beef splints), lidah (spicy beef tongue), babat (spicy beef tripe), spicy beef, spicy chicken and roasted chicken prepared for the customers.

"We have lots of salsa variant which surely has a string Indonesian taste such as sambal Bledek, Klotok, Korek, Pencit, Pete and Teri," Dolorosa said on Saturday (1/2/2020).

In the meantime, he explained that the food only served to go. He also stated that the food could also be taken by online order through several transportation applications.

But, he planned to open a restaurant where the customers could have a dine in and enjoy his food at his place.

All the wrappers including the food wrapper was made as eco friendly as possible. Sandy Dolorosa of Jombang even wrapped his food into banana leaves and then put it in a bamboo basket to be delivered to his customers.(*)

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