Saturday, 05 December 2020

Buluagung Banyuwangi, a Rural Area with Millions of Exotic Scenery

Buluagung Banyuwangi, a Rural Area with Millions of Exotic Scenery Ipong Dermawan, SH, Thqe Chief of Buluagung Village, Siliragung, Banyuwangi. (Picture by: Syamsul Arifin/TIMES Indonesia)
Wednesday, 05 February 2020 - 05:03

TIMESSINGAPORE, BANYUWANGIBuluagung is some kind of fairy land in the middle of nowhere in Banyuwangi which never been touch and likely isolated from the outer world. However, this place has millions of exotic scenery you need to check.

The local government has tried to reach the area and fix several public facilities such a the main access to this village. "We also joined the city program especially to develop the tourism sector," The Chief of Buluagung Village, Ipong Darmawan said on Friday (31/1/2020).

The village participated on the tourism development program by turning the Parang Semar Beach which located on the area into a beautiful place.

They added some interesting spot here and there. Adding some public facilities into it and make the beach becoming popular even more.

This action gives a new opportunity for the local community to have a new job and increase their economical level.

"We always discuss anything with the local community, especially about the development of the village. Because this village is utterly from the people and to the people, we are just a servant for this village," Ipong The Chief Buluagung Village of Banyuwangi added. (*)

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